2001 Extreme: An Arcade Odyssey

Show Information Page

The  2001 California Extreme show will be held at the San Jose Convention Centers PARKSIDE HALL, which is next to the San Jose Tech Museum, in downtown San Jose. The dates are September 15th and 16th (Sat & Sun). Setup and testing  on September 14th (Friday)

We are celebrating and highlighting 2 special themes this year.

1. Space, Science, Sci-Fi, Future and all that contributed to themes of pinball and video game entertainment.

2. Arcade controlled lasers. Bringing lasers together with MAME to demonstrate the worlds largest video game projection system. Done with lasers. Imagine playing Tempest, or Asteroids on the side of a huge wall.

The master plan for the layout, is ready.

New this year will be a special Charity raffle with first prize being an original Atari Hercules pinball game.

Will also have a regular raffle with drawings about every two hours.

Prizes for the tournaments are still being worked on. If you would like to donate something for tournament prizes, charity raffle, or regular drawing, please contact us. We will of course be thanking profusely as well as credit your business with the donation on our website and in the program guide.

Due to the frequency of updates to this website, game lists, etc. You may need to hit RELOAD to get the latest information.

Download and print your own flyer by clicking here. (includes pricing and pre-registration info)

If you are paying for more than one person, please download the multiple-reg form.

Advertising in the Extreme Program - We are putting together another informative Extreme Program with interesting information about the games at the show, especially the show spotlights. If you/your company are interested in some ad space in the program please contact bobhsc@halted.com. If you were planning on just passing out business cards at the show, this option will probably be cheaper, more people will get your information, and they'll actually keep it for future reference. Ad copy (eg copy of business card , etc.) needs to be sent to Bob real soon. 

Williams Defender Tournament will be held at this years show, with real prizes.


We are looking for volunteers that have experience with running a pinball or video game tournament. Please send us some email if you are interested in helping us out.

Any interest in a Computer Space tournament? So far we have 3 Computer Spaces, scheduled to appear, and it will be Computer Space's 30th Birthday.

We have two (2) 2001 pinball games current showing up for the show. They are great playing games.

Tournament results : (place saver)

Earn FREE admission to the show by bringing a game from the list of Most Wanted games.

Earn FREE admission to the show by bringing THREE GAMES.

Contact us with the three or more games you do want to bring and if approved, you'll get in FREE too. They should be in reasonably good cosmetic and working condition.

Only one or two games to bring?  We'll provide a FREE drawing entry for each approved game you bring not counted towards a free weekend pass.

Also, Exhibitors are allowed in at 8AM on Sunday morning to help with the chores of preparing for the show, like play testing all the games before everyone else comes in.

Super Auctions will be setting up for the auction that starts in the afternoon on Sunday.

This years show will be a little different from previous shows. We have the entire Friday to move in but only 7 hours to move out. In the past, we have had several weeks to prepare and arrange games. This year, we will be counting on more attendees to bring games. Also, only about 7 or 8 people have accounted for 90% of the games. This year again, we must count on other exhibitors to contribute to the show.

If you have a game you would like to bring, please send an email to info@caextreme.org. We would like to keep the duplicate games to a minimum this year, so we have setup several sign up lists. You can view them by clicking the following link GameLists. Note, these lists are not complete. If you have games not on the list, please let us know and they'll likely appear just for you. But you gotta let us know.

This list will be updated every couple of hours, and will show which games have been committed and who is going to bring those games. Note that these lists are very incomplete since they do not contain the hundreds of games that previous staff have brought to the show and will be bringing to the show. If you have a game that is not on the list, does not have a committed name, or the name of the owner is proceeded by "staff", please email us. We would love to have your game. Please try to bring your game to the hall, before 10am on the day of the show. If you have more than one game to bring, please email us so that we can work out a scheduled time for your arrival to minimize waiting. Time

Pinorama - New digital photographic stuff. Dale willl be doing some really wide angle photography for this show. Check the one's out he did at last years show. Dale will be setting tripod and camera up to try to capture 2001 Extreme in this new format. If you want your games to appear, in these pictures, you better get ready to bring them in. Its like really being there.

Transportation options - Can't fit that TRON Environmental in your Miata? Check out the "RIDE BOARD link not setup yet" to see if someone is coming near your area and is willing to help, or tell us the specifics and will put your information there. And if your coming down, don't have a full load yet ,and are willing to help someone that isn't as fortunate, please send email with your info on what you can do.

Where to stay (Accomodations)?

Admission - games on FREEPLAY

Saturday $25 for all day, Sunday $15 all day, $35 for weekend pass

Children 12 and under are half price. BUT must be accompanied by full fare adult. Children 5 and under are free.

You can buy tickets online at ticketweb. See our homepage for the direct link.

Wristbands/badges will be issued at entry.

Show up at 11AM on  Saturday play a couple hours, buy a couple drawing entries. Go out and catch a movie, come back play couple more hours, and go get some dinner , come back play till midnight.

Show up at 11AM Sunday, play a couple hours, go out and get lunch, come back play a couple more hours, buy a pinball or video game, fill out the mailing list form and head for home with your new game. At noon preview the auction stuff.

At 3PM Super Auctions will start their arcade auction. Auction preview starts at noon. 

Show Schedule

Friday 9/14/2001

6:00am to midnight - Setup (exhibitors/vendors/staff only)

7PM official pretest and QA starts - (to participate you must preregister and pay an extra $12.50, no charge for exhibitors)

Saturday 9/15/2001

7AM to 11AM setup (exhibitors/vendors/staff only)

Doors open from 11:30 AM to Midnight (preregs get in at 11AM!)

Sunday 9/16/2001

7:00am to 10:30AM (exhibitors/vendors/staff only)

Doors open from 11AM to 5:00pm. (preregs can start again at 10:30 AM)

Super Auction preview starts at noon

2PM - Drawing for the Hercules Pinball game.

Super Auction - auction starts at 3PM

5pm to Midnight -Teardown (Super Auction continues until auction items are auctioned off)

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